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Published on April 3rd, 2011 | by Julia

A Chat With Marlee Maslove

Julia interviews Marlee Maslove who plays the sister we all love to hate, Hailey Skye, to find out what it’s like to play Ruby’s younger sister.

Julia: What made you interested in acting? How did you get started?

Marlee: My favourite movie has always been The Sound of Music. I think that’s what really got me interested in acting. Also, the fact that my mother is a screenwriter always played a big part in me wanting to act; I got a few parts as featured extras when I was younger and I really got a feel for the atmosphere and how acting professionally would feel.

Julia: Your performance in Ruby Skye is so believable! Do you relate with your character? How are you like Hailey?

Marlee: Well, I don’t think I relate to Hailey that much. Sometimes I pretend that I’m an expert with technology, but, really, I’m not. I’m not really into the whole starting a petition thing, but if it’s a good cause, I will sign it. I’m also not too fond of shopping.

Julia: Do you have any role models? Who inspires you?

Marlee: Yes. J.K. Rowling, Kristin Chenoweth and Julie Andrews. Three amazing women who I would really like to be like!

Julia: What was it like being on set?

Marlee: Being on set was tons of fun! Everyone was really nice!

Julia: What was your favourite scene to shoot?

Marlee: The closet scenes! It was definitely the one we all looked forward to shooting the most. The closet was very hot and cramped especially with the three actors, two camera men, lighting, sound and the stunt coordinator! However, the coke and mentos had a super cool effect! We also got a lot of free time to hang out between takes because they had to clean everything up and it was fun to have a bunch of long breaks.

There was this one time when we were all in the closet with Kevin, the stunt coordinator, to shoot just the coke stream and us running out. We were all waiting for action and Kevin was carefully poised to drop the mentos in to the coke bottles. We were standing there when, whoosh! Kevin’s hand had slipped and the mentos fell into the coke! The closet door was closed and coke was getting everywhere! That was probably the funniest thing that happened to me on set!

Julia: Any advice for young performers just starting out?

Marlee: Start out small to get some experience with acting. Do some school plays or community theatre, then try some auditions. Feeling nervous for auditions is completely normal. Just keep thinking of the audition as a positive experience to learn about acting and auditions instead of something intimidating.

Julia: Do you plan to pursue acting in the future?

Marlee: Absolutely!!

Three out of three actors agree that the Coke-Mentos scene was the most fun to shoot.  It’s also quite a lot of fun to watch, so for your foamy viewing pleasure, here once again is Chapter 10: Seven Minutes in Heaven.

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