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Published on October 22nd, 2010 | by rubyskyepi


A Thousand Thank Yous

Ruby Skye P.I. October 2010June 18 – that’s the day I got the email from the Independent Production Fund saying they would finance Ruby Skye P.I.: The Spam Scam. That was 132 days ago. Almost 19 weeks. Four months. Not long at all.

In four more days you’ll get a sample of what we’ve accomplished in that time. But that’s end product.

We’ve tried to be as open about our process in getting here as time allowed. One thing that should be clear by now is that we’ve been having the time of our lives. Not enough time… And yeah, the budget was lean. But our team has been phenomenal and more than made up for the lack of cash with passion and dedication.

Before we lift the curtain on the final product, I want to say thank you to everyone who brought their passion, commitment, energy and time to this project for no money or way less than their market value.IPF

First thank you to Andra, Carly and the board of The Independent Production Fund for giving us this shot. We hope to prove to you that your investment in web series was a very smart and forward thinking move.

Our beloved sponsors! Ruby Skye P.I. is only possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors in corporate Canada, local small businesses, organizations and the creative contributions of many, many independent film, video & digital artists. These include: Berman & Co. The Dragon Academy,  Eastern Script Inc., Steven Golick at OslerPolaroidPost City SoundPS Production Services,  Rocket Science VFXTEACH MagazineFat Cat Wine Bar,  The Big Chill,Believerville Productions, Choroid Films, Inkling Entertainment Inc.Montefiore Films,  Brendan Meadows Photography Inc.Richard Maslove MusicFilm & Event SolutionsTotal Two-Way – MotorolaTrew AudioOffice Coffee Solutions. I want to apologize for the fact that I couldn’t get your logos to look any better on this page. But I promise that on Monday, when we open the new site, your logos will look gorgeous!

Best Crew on the PlanetTeam Ruby Skye: Crew, volunteers, social media and research support, post-production team, the parents of our cast, fabulous kids who were extras, background filmmakers — of all ages, our spouses…  So many people contributed to this project with time, passion and perspiration.  I can’t name you all here now, but I love you all and will be forever in your debt. What a thrill to work with so many good looking, hard working, smart, funny people.

Our cast, both young and old: you guys have been fabulous and funny. You breathed life into the characters and the script. I can’t wait to share your work with the world wide web.

Steven! I wouldn’t be here without your encouragement and support. I think you owe me lunch!

Karen — a.k.a. Kevin O’Leary  — your brilliance never ceases to astound me plus you keep my eyes focused on the prize.

Kelly, my creative doppleganger. When I’m too tired to see straight, I know I can close my eyes because you will push for perfection.

Kerry, there is not a minute that goes by that I don’t whisper a thanks to the universal powers that brought you to this project. Never leave me!!

My final thanks is to all of you who’ve been following the project from afar, cheering us on. We feel an incredible sense of community around us. Your support has kept us going and fueled and nourished us. We hope we’ve done you proud.

We’re going to go dark now to focus on getting everything ready.

Curtain goes up Monday at noon Eastern. See you then.

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