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Episode 8 Recap: Mean Girl

When we last left off Ruby had finally found Pixel/Fluffy’s owner, hairstylist Trudy Snood. Elated she’d cracked the case, Ruby was also worrying about how Hailey would handle the news. But she never got a  chance to find out since Hailey had taken off with Pixel! So let’s get right into episode 8’s recap!

Episode 8 picked up right where 7 left off. Ruby, angry with her sister leaves a somewhat forceful message on Hailey’s cell. Wondering just where her sister and Pixel/Fluffy ran off to Ruby notices Mrs. Googe’s front yard happens to have a rather unfavourable puppy gift…if you get what I’m saying.

Realizing Mrs. Googe’s “harbouring a fugitive” Ruby gives Trudy a quick call to have her come pick up Pixel/Fluffy.

With a few hours to kill before Trudy arrives Ruby uses her Hailey-free time to do some more investigation on the robbery at FONK. Piecing together the letter she saw Colin Cumberbund shredding earlier she learns some unsettling news and rushes off to FONK for answers.

At FONK headquarters Ruby runs into Diana – who’s none-too-pleased to see the diary-stealing-reading thief. A slightly oblivious Ruby presses Diana for info on her secret tormentor and gets quite the surprise. Turns out that school-yard bully is our very own Ruby. What’s that about?


Ruby finally meets up with Colin in his office (“Hmm, Ruby Skye or is it Ruben?”) Hoping to gather some more clues Ruby is stunned when Colin reveals his sadness over Zoffi’s newest role as suspect #1. Straight-faced with strong, continuous eye contact Ruby is positive Colin is telling the truth. But she’s also certain Zoffi is not the Flobble thief. So who, exactly is?


Back at home Ruby confronts Mrs. Googe, revealing she knows it’s her who’s hiding Hailey and Pixel/Fluffy. Mrs Googe pleads with Ruby to let Hailey keep Pixel/Fluffy but Ruby puts her foot down. And then Mrs. Googe tells Ruby she is “so mean. “Geeze Rubes is not having a good day.


But when she finally makes her way into Mrs. Googe’s living room yet another shock awaits her. Hailey is once again missing and in her place is nothing but a red hair elastic – part of the Secret Sister Signalling Code, red means danger!

MrsGooge -Ruby Ep8

How on earth will Ruby handle this latest development?

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