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How to be the Best BFF (Best Friends Forever!)

We all have one – that person who knows what we’re thinking before we say it, who finishes our sentences – that one person we’ve spent countless hours with devising the best secret handshake ever – the one, the only, Best Friend Forever, AKA the BFF.

But just how exactly do you know if you’re doing the whole bestie thing right? Let me give you the breakdown on what it really means to be a BFF (Best Friends Forever)!

1. Be YOU!

Being yourself around each other is what makes you BFFs in the first place. No pretending. No faking. You don’t have to worry about what your BFF thinks of you because she’ll always be there, even if your singing sounds like a cat gargling jello. Let your BFF get to know the REAL you!


2. Trust each other

This is a biggie. It’s part of the girl’s unwritten code: You keep her secrets and she keeps yours. You have to be able to talk to each other without worrying about gossip or drama. A real BFF is always there to listen to a friend in need and isn’t afraid to tell them the truth about what they think.


3. Fight, forgive, and laugh

Alright girls, you’ve gotta give your BFF the benefit of the doubt when it comes to catfights. You WILL fight with your BFF, everyone does. It’s really not the end of the world. But always stop and think: she’s your best friend right? If she’s this angry, then maybe something is really bothering her, maybe you’re the only one who can help? Chances are she doesn’t mean all the nasty things she’s saying and neither do you. You’re both just frustrated and angry that someone so close to you is mad at you: why? Because you care, duh!

Rei and Serena

Oh and when it comes to little catfights, forgive each other. When you think back on them, you’ll just laugh, trust me. Remember that time you made me spill my frappuccino all over my pants?! Classic.

4. Jealous much?

Here’s the skinny: jealousy is bad news. You gotta let your BFF have other friends and maybe even other BFFs! Spending too much time with the same person will drive anyone crazy.


She loves you, she’s not trying to replace you or anything. If you’re that worried, then maybe try hanging out as a group sometimes that way you can make new friends too! The more the merrier right?!

There’s a bunch of ways that you can be the Best BBF (or BBBF… hmm too many Bs right?) Let me know what else you can do to be the best BFF you can be! Write your suggestions in the comments.

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