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Published on July 14th, 2010 | by rubyskyepi


Casting Call for Ruby Skye P.I.


a STORY 2.OH production

July 14, 2010
an exciting new web series for tweens and teens by Jill Golick

Producer: Jill Golick, Karen Walton, Kerry Young
Director: Kelly Harms
Writer: Julie Strassman Cohn & Jill Golick
Union: NON-UNION (daily fee paid)
Shoot: 15 day shoot: August 16th & September 3, 2010
*with rehearsals during the week of August 9th
Location: Toronto
*PLEASE SUBMIT HEADSHOT AND RESUME (and video if you’d like) TO rubyskyepi (at) gmail (dot) com

STORY LINE: RUBY SKYE PI follows the investigation of an internet scam by our heroine, Ruby Skye. While Ruby considers herself a crack detective, she soon finds out that sometimes all the clues to not point to right suspect!

RUBY SKYE (14-16) – Female Any Ethnicity LEAD
Quick witted, hyper-curious and a self-taught super-sleuth, Ruby Skye has all the tools to be a great detective. Ruby has great instincts, but she may be a little quick to jump to conclusions. She is well known around her neighborhood and among classmates. When your role models consist of Veronica Mars, Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes, it doesn’t make you exactly popular. Ruby’s only friends are a video game genius (Griffin), the dotty next door neighbor who plays with imaginary animals (Ms. Gooje) and her sister Hailey (her obnoxious and super-popular younger sister). When Ruby stumbles across an internet crime involving Ms. Gooje, there’s no telling what she’ll unearth.

GRIFFIN (14-16) – Male Any Ethnicity LEAD
Ruby’s best friend and partner in crime, Griffin would rather be playing video games than going to school. Or, worst case scenario, playing video games at school. He’s funny, handsome (in that dedicated video game type of way), sensitive, and fiercely loyal to Ruby. When video games and new TVs start showing up at his house, Griffin does everything he can to throw Ruby off the scent.

DIANA (14-16) – Female Any Ethnicity LEAD
Ruby’s classmate and enemy. During any Ruby Skye PI investigation, Diana can always find a way to trip Ruby up, or slow her down, or get in her way. Diana’s favourite things are brushing her hair, sucking up to adults, being popular and tormenting Ruby Skye.

TONY (30s) – Male Any Ethnicity LEAD
Tony is not fond of children, small animals or the outdoors which has Ruby questioning his motives for dating her teacher, Ms Springer. Tony is long on looks and short on brains. He has a competitive streak a mile wide… unless yours is a mile wide, in which case his is two miles wide…

VINNIE (30s) – Male Any Ethnicity LEAD
Vinnie is the school’s good natured janitor. Vinnie considers himself a master of strategy, because without a strategy, a janitor might end up being the one who has to clean up the puke outside the art room. But Vinnie’s true genius shows up when he challenges you to a game of Rock Paper Scissors… unless you open with paper because every self-respecting RPS player knows better than to open with paper.

MS. SPRINGER (30s) – Female Any Ethnicity LEAD
The theories about Ms Springer abound. Some say she’s the deposed dictator of a small military regime, others think she might be a vampire (and not the shiny kind). Suffice it to say that there is no nonsense in her computer classes. But Ms Springer has a softer side that her students don’t get to see. She has a hobby; watching birds… not any birds, Ms Springer’s affection is saved for birds of prey. She particularly enjoys watching birds of prey eat smaller cuter baby birds And she has dreams of romance. When a handsome man shows interest in her birds, Ms. Springer begins making big plans for the big day.

MS. GOOJE (any age) – Female Any Ethnicity PRINCIPAL
Isn’t it enough that Ms. Gooje has bought a computer and learned the basic art of internet surfing? Apparently not. Ms. Gooje, an animal lover who’s house is full of rescue dogs (imaginary), stray cats (imaginary), abandoned birds (imaginary) and … well, suffice it to say, Ms. Gooje loves the idea of animals and animal causes. Ms. Gooje also has a heart of gold (not actual gold, but the metaphoric type). Unfortunately, Ms. Gooje is easily persuaded to send money, via the internet, to a Prince who’s building a ranch for abandoned animals in a far-away country. Only problem is there is no ranch. Or Prince. She’s been scammed and it’s left her without the means to pay for her own animals (imaginary). Some deem her ‘reality challenged’.

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