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Audition This! Tips for a Great Audition

Sweaty palms? Check. Heart beating too fast? Check. Too many butterflies for your stomach to handle? Triple check. I feel this way a lot. Around the cute Starbucks barista, when I’m on stage, and… in auditions. Auditions are kind of the worst.

I recently had an improv audition. Basically, you and other improvisers have to prove to a group of people that you’re funny. Sounds scary, right? Surprisingly not. Here’s a couple steps that make it easier.

Steps for a Great Audition

casting call

Step 1. Congrats! I feel that everyone has the ability to be funny, but most people don’t do anything about it. So a big round of applause for putting yourself out there!!

Step 2. Practice! One thing I did that was really helpful was practicing against a ‘bad’ partner. I had a friend not listen to me, say no to me, and ask questions. So come time for the audition, I had enough practice against a ‘bad’ improviser. Usually, they’re not bad, they’re just nervous like I am!

Step 3. Meditate. Really, I mean it! My brain moves too fast, and it’s hard for me to focus, especially if I’m nervous. So I got to auditions 20-30 minutes early. I find an empty room and sit in a chair, and breathe. Once I feel focused, I move onto…

Step 4. Warmup! I stretch, walk around the room, anything to get my blood flowing. casting call

Congrats, it’s time for the audition! What are some ways you prepare for an audition?

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