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History of Horror Films

Ever since there have been movies, there have been horror movies. They’re meant to startle, surprise and scare viewers out of their wits. I personally can’t stomach things popping out at me, and have never been a big fan of horror movies. However, that doesn’t stop horror films from being immensely popular all over the world (I know, shockingly my dislike of horror films has no actual bearing on the real world. Le sigh.).

There’s also a bunch of different kinds of horror films, like action (lots of butt-kicking), splatter (lots of blood), comedy (lots of blood AND hilarity and my personal favourite) and tons of others.

The horror genre is so popular that there’s even a genre about dissecting the clichés of horror movies in horror movies. Whoa. This is called meta-fiction and if you ever want to impress an English teacher, tell them you know all about it 🙂 Movies like the Scream and Scary Movie franchises and my personal favourite Cabin in the Woods go through all the archetypes (those are the popular topics and themes that pop up in horror films) of scary movies while still scaring the pants off you.

The video above is a great remake of a classic family film turned a little bit horror.

So what’s your favourite scary movie?

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