Published on October 25th, 2012 | by Jane

How to Dress Up As Your Favourite Sleuth for Halloween

Slaying vamps not your thing? You can always dress up as Ruby’s favourite detective, Sherlock Holmes, for Halloween! It’s really easy to put together.

Here’s all you need to deduce:

  • A deerstalker hat (don’t have one? I’d be amazed if you did. Simple solution. Get two similar baseball caps, put one on top of the other with the bills facing opposite directions. Problem solved!)
  • A long dark coloured trench coat (it’ll look very menacing to your enemies, flapping in the wind)
  • A scarf to enhance those cheekbones (again, being a detective doesn’t mean you must lose all sense of style)
  • A trusty sidekick and a mystery to solve

And voila! You are ready to solve your next case!

Or you could just be snippy and rude. It’s nearly as good, and twice as funny.


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