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Published on September 30th, 2010 | by rubyskyepi


Living in a Post World

Ruby Skye P.I. October 2010Post has a totally different rhythm than production and development.  Development is dreams and possibility.  Production is adrenaline and sociability.  You go into post-production exhausted.  Your new best friends  — the crew — scatter to the four winds and you’re left with only your new family — the core creative team.  In our case, that’s Kelly, Kerry and me, with Dorice and Karen working the social media angle and Steven as our adviser and cheerleader, always making sure we stay on course.

But even Kelly, Kerry and I don’t have the intense collaboration we did at earlier stages.  We aren’t spending hours together on a daily basis.  We confer on everything still and scheme and plan, but it’s hard not to miss the intensity and constant contact that was there during production.

Although, had we continued at the pace, we’d all be in hospital — though hopefully in the same ward because once you hit post, it’s hard to talk to anyone who’s not on your team.  You forget that there is a world beyond the world you’re creating and no long have anything to say to people who aren’t immersed in it.

But post has it’s own moments of excitement.  Seeing a cut of an episode for the first time.  Approving final web site designs.  Visiting the gorgeous post production audio facility that is Post City Sound and then finding out that they share your excitement for the project and are going to bring their expertise, passion and talent to your baby.

This is not the post-production cycle we’re used to in film and television.  Because we are looking ahead to rolling out the finished product which is not just the videos that tell the story of The Spam Scam.  There is also a ton of web content to create or edit, schedules to plan and an intense social media campaign to create.

In some ways, post is turning out to be a very internal time.  We are still creating and cooking, but without the rush and flurry of production.  But soon, very soon, we’ll get loud again.

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