Diana Noughton is a nasty piece of work.

Diana has said so..." /> Ruby Skye PI - Diana vs. Elena

Published on September 28th, 2013 | by Jill

Diana Versus Elena

Diana Noughton is a nasty piece of work.

Diana has said some mean things to Ruby.  Plus she’s done one or two horrible things to her.  Remember when she put stuff in Ruby’s backpack so it looked like Ruby had been shoplifting?

Of course, last time we saw them, Ruby got her revenge and it was cold and sweet.

Get ready for the old rivalry between the girls to rear its ugly head once again in The Haunted Library.  Diana is back, as mean as ever.  But Ruby isn’t going to take it lying down!

What’s it like to play a really mean character?  Do you have to be mean to play mean?  We asked actress Elena Gorgevska about playing the mean girl in Ruby Skye P.I.   Is she  like her character?  Or completely different?

In this video shot on the set of The Haunted Library, Elena tells us how she’s like Diana and how she’s different.  Then Marlee Maslove (Hailey) weighs in on the subject.

Check out Diana’s tumblr.  And Hailey’s too!

Do you know anyone like Diana?  Leave a comment and tell us about her.

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