Ruby Skye – Private Investigator

Ruby Skye cannot resist a good mystery.

Not that she’s ever tried to resist.  She just dives right in.

Much to the chagrine of her sister, Hailey and best friend, Griffin.  They get dragged into Ruby’s adventures right along with her.  Except Griffin got a soccer scholarship to the Benjamin School, so he’s not around.   Which means that for the time being, poor Hailey is Ruby’s unwilling sidekick.

Now all Ruby needs is a good mystery.  You never know where you’ll find that.  So Ruby keeps her eyes and ears open, no matter where she is in the neighbourhood or who she’s talking to.

Except at school.  Ruby’s not a very good student.  In fact, she barely passed this year.

Her parents kind of flipped over her grades.  Voices got raised and a certain computer ended up being removed from Ruby’s room, which, you might recall, is also Hailey’s room.  So both sisters are out of a computer.  Voices got raised again.  Hailey isn’t very happy with Ruby.

Ruby — as always — is unapologetic.  Computer’s gone.  Nothing to be done about it now.  If they need to use a computer, they’ll just have to go over to the O’Deary Library and use theirs.  Not so bad.  It is, after all, the O’Deary Library.  And Ruby Skye loves that library.

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is the creator of Ruby Skye P.I. She loves a good mystery... as long as it's not the case of the missing iPhone. She lives in Toronto.

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