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Griffin Lane: A Ruby Skye P.I. Extra

An extra feature from The Haunted Library, starring Griffin Lane!

Griffin is Ruby Skye’s best friend. He played a huge part in The Spam Scam.  In fact, Griffin was right there when Ruby solved the final mystery.

What you might not know is that after that,  Griffin won a soccer scholarship that took him away to live and study at a boarding school.  Griffin is an excellent soccer player but his family doesn’t have much money.  He would never get to go to a school like the Benjamin School without a scholarship.  His dad really wanted Griffin to go and even though Griffin was sorry to be leaving Ruby, he was excited to try out a new school and be part of an elite soccer squad.

So while Ruby is hunting for clues at the O’Deary Library, Griffin Lane is studying and playing soccer at the Benjamin School.

That doesn’t mean he can’t be of significant help in solving the case of the missing will.  Oh no, you have to get very far away from Ruby if you are going to avoid being dragged into one of her mysteries!  If you’ve watched The Haunted Library, you know that Griffin turns up in Episodes 5 and 8.

In this extra feature straight from the set of the second season of Ruby Skye, P.I., spend a little time behind-the-scenes with Kevin Gutierrez (the actor who plays Griffin Lane) as he gets ready to help Ruby find the the missing will.

Check out the video above!

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