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Published on June 3rd, 2011 | by JulieG


How to Get Your Web Series Featured on Wired

Yesterday,Ruby Skye P.I. was featured on Wired’s Geek Dad.

It’s a fabulous piece written by James Floyd Kelly

Do you know what a hockey stick looks like? That’s what our stats are looking like at this very moment. Talk about a spike in traffic.

Wired! How lucky are we, eh?

Actually, it wasn’t really luck that got us on Wired. There was a little luck involved, but a lot of hard work too. And nothing that revolutionary either.

Want big traffic? Go out and get it. Or rather, sit your ass down in your chair, wire yourself into the web and start asking for it.

I’ve been spending my days reading blogs, looking for places that might write about my web series. When I find a likely candidate, I read some posts. If there are multiple writers, I read their work to try to figure out which of them would be most be interested in my series.

The really hard work is finding email addresses for many bloggers. It takes research and perseverance.

Then I craft an email. I try to be personal, to tailor it to the interests of the blogger I’m reaching out to and to show the blogger what about my content might appeal to their readers. Because I’m writing about kid content, I try to figure out if their kids are the right age to enjoy the series. Any hook I can find, I use.

I fire off the email, record the name, email address and blog URL for my records and then I search for another potential blog.

I do this for hours and days at a time.

The response rate is dismally, depressingly low. But I love Ruby Skye P.I. I know that anyone who takes a look at it will love it too. All I have to do is convince them to take that first look.

Lately, I’ve been successful at getting Ruby Skye P.I. featured on a number of blogs not just Wired.

The amazing Parenting blogger Susan Heim has a post and a give-away going on right now.

And delightful Ottawa area Mommy-blogger, Alyssa at A Motherhood Experience has also done a terrific review of Ruby Skye P.I. You’ve got another chance at winning Ruby swag over there!

And edu-blogger and high school teacher Zoe French wrote a lovely piece about the educational potential of Ruby in the classroom a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, there’s luck involved: connecting to just the right person who takes the story the extra distance. But mostly, it’s a numbers game… one, which if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to!

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