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Interview with Elena Gorgevska

Elena Gorgevska on being Diana!

Remember Fiona Marchetto?  She’s the nine-year-old entertainment journalist  at Press+1 who  recently reviewed The Haunted Library.  Fiona has a new piece up on Press +1 and this time it is an interview with Elena Gorgevska about playing Diana Noughton.

One of the things Fiona found out is that Elena likes playing the bad guy.  “There are a lot of things I like about being able to play someone’s enemy,” Elena tells Fiona. “Aside from the fact that I find it incredibly fun, I also like the different side to it. To Ruby, Diana is ‘hateable’ with no redeeming qualities, and if the slightest sign proves Diana to be the culprit, she does not doubt for a second that it is. But Diana has proven twice before that her crimes towards Ruby are petty and never too serious.”

Elena says she’s “quite different” from Diana and sometimes that makes the role a hard one to play.  “There are times when it is difficult to place myself in the mindset of Diana,” she explains, “and sometimes it can be a little challenging. For the most part, however, it’s exciting to play someone like Diana.”

But it’s not all challenges and difficulty, she says. In fact, Elena has such a good time with her fellow cast-mates on set that it’s not nearly as hard to be the “most hateable” as you might think. “The dynamics off-screen are very different than the ones portrayed on the show,” says Elena. “We all enjoy each other’s company and love to joke around with each other. It’s also great to be given the opportunity to play a character who is generally disliked by the audience. Having had my fair share of characters I dislike, it’s wonderful to be able to have an actor’s perspective on it.”

If you want to check out all the other things Elena had to say, make sure you head over to the article at Press+1!

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