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Interview With Marlee Maslove

Marlee talks about what it takes to be an actor!

Fiona Marchetto is back!

First, she reviewed The Haunted Library. Now, the nine-year-old entertainment journalist from Press+1 is running her second interview with the cast of Ruby Skye, P.I. After sitting down to chat with Elena Gorgevska about playing a bad guy last week, Fiona turns her attention to Hailey Skye herself: Marlee Maslove!

Fiona was curious about how Marlee found her way onto the set of Ruby Skye, P.I. It turns out it didn’t quite work out the way you might expect! “What happened was that before Hailey was in Ruby Skye, P.I. there was another webseries called Hailey Hacks,” Marlee explains, “which was another project developed by me, my mom and my brother. So, that was just a short little thing of instructional videos about how to do things on your computer. Then as time went by and Ruby Skye, P.I. was developed, we pulled the character from Hailey Hacks into Ruby Skye, P.I.. I guess I’d say that I didn’t choose Ruby Skye but it chose me!

But with all of this time spent acting in web series, Marlee still has to figure out how to make time for school. The solution? A tutor that helps out during shooting. “We shot Season 2 over the course of 10 days last May,” she says. “I had to shoot 8 of the days. I did have to skip quite a bit of school so I needed to get a tutor. I got tutored for 2 hours a day, every day that I was on set. I missed a bit of school, I got a little behind but since I had the tutor, I was good.”

Marlee gets involved with charities, too, just like her on-screen counterpart. “I sometimes post YouTube videos on my own,” explains Marlee, “and there’s an annual project, once a year called Project for Awesome where a bunch of YouTubers post YouTube videos about their favourite charities and then people donate to the project and the money gets split up between the 5 most voted for charities.”

And who did she choose? Because I Am A Girl, of course. “This year my charity was Because I Am A Girl, because after working with them for Season 2 of the show I really liked the charity and the work they do. So I wanted to support them, I put out a video about Because I am a girl and I also  donated $50 to the project to go to various charities.”

Check out the rest of the interview over at Press+1! Great job, Fiona!


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