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Published on August 14th, 2010 | by rubyskyepi


It’s the Weekend… Sort Of

Julie and I finished the pink draft of the script about an hour ago.  A moment of relief for us, but time for everyone else to spring into action at just the moment that they could reasonably expect to have their Friday afternoon celebratory beer before rolling into the weekend. The production office is now a hub of activity.

We had some last minute cast availability changes so we were reworking what scenes we would shoot Monday anyway.  Then I threw a wrench in the gears by making issuing a full pink.  That means there were enough change script pages that it was worth reprinting the whole script rather than just the changed pages.  I assure you that I took away scenes and maybe added one or two, but all in locations we were already at.  Still, change heading into production is disruptive.  Somewhere there is a director cursing my name and burning his carefully planned storyboards.

One of my favourite documents in the world is a call sheet.  It’s always bugged me that TV call sheets don’t have the writer’s or story editor’s name.  Heather Rose, our second AD, has put together a beauty for Ruby Skye P.I. and guess what it has?  Yes, that’s right, in the new model — the digital model — writers’ names belong on the call sheet.

It maybe the weekend, but there is a ton to do to get ready for Monday, but I may fit in a little extra sleep… If I can sleep, because I am very excited for first day of principal photography.

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