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Make-Up Tutorial – The Mint Chip Girls: A Ruby Skye P.I. Extra

The Month of Mint Chip continues with another behind-the-scenes video – featuring none other than the pop trio themselves: The Mint Chip Girls!

Welcome back to the Month of Mint Chip! If you weren’t around for last week’s announcement, here’s the 411:

All this month, we’ve got a whole bunch of Mint Chip Girls-related content to roll out. Each Wednesday, you’ll still get your Ruby Skye P.I. Extras over on our YouTube channel, but a lot of it is going to be Mint Chip-themed. Plus, we may have some other super secret announcements coming up, too…

Last week, we were introduced to The Mint Chip Girls by getting to know some of their favourite books. There was also a mysterious link all over the place that led to a privatized Tumblr post. What exactly that sound clip means is anybody’s guess – for now. There seems to be a date attached to the post, as well: May 22nd, 2013. Sounds like a mystery to us!

But whatever the meaning of that mysterious post, the festivities continue this week with another special behind-the-scenes clip. In this video, makeup artist Jessica Panetta turns her attention to getting everybody’s favourite pop-trio ready for their closeups. Watch as Jessica turns Sydney Kuhne into pop-star sensation Dylan with the help of a little hair color!

But what’s this?

Is that another link at the end of the video? And that mysterious date again!

May 22nd is next Wednesday.

What’s going to happen?

Stay tuned to find out!


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