Published on July 31st, 2013 | by Devin

Ruby’s Bloopers: A Ruby Skye P.I. Extra

We’re back with another batch of bloopers from the star of the show!

After last week’s batch of hilarious bloopers from the set of The Haunted Library, you probably thought there wasn’t much more that we could possibly show you. But you were wrong! We actually saved the best for last.

In this week’s very special Ruby Skye P.I. Extra, we round up another set of goofs, blunders and silly situations from our cast, all caught on camera. But this time, it’s not the whole cast that we’re interested in. In this video, all of the bloopers come right from our young heroine, Madison Cheeatow – Ruby Skye herself!

Freaky faces, sneezing on set and general zaniness are just all part of the package when it comes to shooting a web series. After all, it’s hard to work all those long hours without blowing off a little steam in between takes.

So check out the video in the player above and enjoy a little wackiness from Ruby!

And don’t forget, we have new behind-the-scenes footage coming for you every Wednesday. Each week, we’ll bring you make-up tutorials, rare footage, bloopers, interviews and a whole bunch more. So be sure to tune into and our YouTube channel for the latest videos!

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