Published on February 21st, 2011 | by JulieG

Where is Marlee?

If you looked carefully at the audition video we released, you’ll notice that one of the lead actors is missing from it.

Marlee Maslove who plays Hailey Skye was not at the audition that day.

That’s because Marlee was already cast in the role of Hailey.  In fact, we had already shot the teaser for the series with her.

The reason Ruby isn’t the teaser for the series is because we hadn’t cast Madison yet.  But we had Marlee because we’d worked with her on another web series, Hailey Hacks.

And we had created Ruby Skye P.I. with the idea that Hailey would be her little sister and would use her impressive web skills to help Ruby solve mysteries.

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