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Published on February 17th, 2011 | by Julia


All About Auditions: The Audition

Your name has just been called. It’s time to go in!

When you enter the room, there will probably be quite a crowd in there. Some will be sitting behind a table — they are probably the writer, director, producer, showrunner and maybe the casting director.

There will probably be a camera and someone to operate it. That’s right, your audition will be filmed so they can watch it again later when they are making their decisions.  They may also want to show the tape to other people who aren’t in the room but will be helping to make the casting decisions.

Finally, there is a reader showrunner. You’ll also be introduced to the reader who will perform the scene with you. You’ll perform your character and the reader will perform all the other parts.

It’s great to come in with a big smile and shake everyone’s hand. You’ll be told everyone’s name. If you’re smart, you’ll have read over the names on the casting call and will remember who is the director, who’s the producer and so on.

Once you’ve met everyone and handed over your resume an headshot, it’s down to business.

They will show you your mark.  Your mark is the spot where you will stand or sit to be framed by the camera. Try not to move too far from your mark or you’ll go out of frame!

Sometimes, you’re asked to slate: say your name, age and the role you’re auditioning for into the camera.

Time to perform your scene. Wait for the director to cue to start then perform the scene the way you rehearsed it.

You might be asked to perform a second time, and they might want you to do the scene a different way. The director will ask you to change-it-up a bit. He might say to do it like you’re angry or as if the person you’re talking to is your best friend. They might even ask you to sing your lines. Whatever direction you’re given will change how you act in the scene. It’s a way for the director to find out how well you take direction.

Expect surprises. During the Ruby Skye P.I. auditions, Kirklynne Garrett came to audition for Ms Springer, but director Kelly Harms thought she might make a great Mrs Gooje. Kelly gave Kirklynne the sides for Mrs Gooje and asked her to go out and learn them.  She only a few minutes to learn the scenes but what she brought to the part was what Kelly was looking for. Kirklynne didn’t get cast as Ms Springer, but she did get the role of Mrs. Gooje!

Remember to have fun – it’s okay if you mess up, just keep on going!

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