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Lillian O’Shyte: A Ruby Skye P.I. Extra

Meet Lillian O’Shyte, the baddest apple in the O’Deary family tree.

Miss Lillian O’Shyte is one awful, book-burning, kid-hating person. Frankly, she’s just not a very nice woman at all. Whether it be bribing everybody’s favorite teenage detective or plotting to tear down her family’s library, she seems to always have some kind of nasty trick up her sleeve.

Lillian is the niece of the late Ava O’Deary, and her closest living heir. Which, of course, means that she is the next in line to receive her aunt’s fortune – unless somebody else finds the will first!

But, just like her cousin Henry O’Henry, plenty has already been written about this wicked witch of the North over at her biography. Make sure you give it a look if (and I said if) you want to know all kinds of horrible trivia about this terrifying woman. Between that and The Haunted Library, I expect you’ll know as much about Lillian O’Shyte as you can stomach.

Here in this video, however, you can get to know the woman behind the monster: the actor who plays Lillian, Laura de Carteret! It’s a small peek behind-the-scenes of Ruby Skye, P.I., where Laura chats a bit about a supernatural experience of her own – a spooky incident involving a haunted theatre.

Give it a watch!


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