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Ophelia Bedelia: A Ruby Skye P.I. Extra

Meet Ophelia Bedelia, the jittery librarian of the O’Deary Library.

Nothing says “the O’Deary Library” like creeped-out employees, and Ophelia Bedelia is downright terrified.

But it’s hard to blame the young librarian. With a perpetual set of allergies and a seemingly endless list of unexplained, supernatural events surrounding her, it’s hard not to sympathize with her! Even if her constant sneezing and shrieking is disturbing the readers.

Ophelia works for Ava O’Deary, the owner of the O’Deary Library. And she does the best she can, given the unfortunate circumstances. But she’s certainly got her work cut out for her: ghosts, mediums and mysteries, not to mention bizarre and terrible relatives. This isn’t your typical librarian gig – no, sir or madam; not even close.

If you want to get to know this anxious curator a little better, there’s been plenty written on her over at her biography, as well as her character spotlight. There, you can find out all her favourite things, the history of her life and a whole bunch more. Then, head over to The O’Deary Library and The Haunted Library for all the Ophelia you can handle.

Here in this video, however, you can get to know the actress who plays Ophelia – the hilarious Samantha Wan! Catching up with her behind-the-scenes on The Haunted Library, Samantha talks to us about what her audition for the role was like.

See what she had to say, right here!

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