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The Reading of the Will Scene: A Ruby Skye P.I. Extra

Sit in on a Ruby Skye P.I. actors’ rehearsal!

Have you ever wondered what actors and actresses are like when the cameras aren’t rolling? Or how they prepare for their scenes and memorize their lines? Look no further!

Once again, all of us here at Ruby Skye P.I. are peeling back the curtain to show you just what it’s like to sit in on an actors’ rehearsal. We’ll give you a hint: it’s just a bunch of people sitting around a room, practicing their lines! But it’s still a whole lot of fun.

In this Ruby Skye P.I. Extra, Madison Cheeatow (Ruby Skye), Samantha Wan (Ophelia Bedelia), Laura de Carteret (Lillian O’Shyte), Shaun Shetty (Finch) and Jordan Prentice (Henry O’Henry) all practice their lines for the big “reading-of-the-will” scene that happens early on in The Haunted Library. This rehearsal is just as much about memorizing your lines as it is about practicing how you’re going to say those lines, so there’s lots of interesting things to take away from it. All of you young actors out there, take note!

And don’t forget, we have new behind-the-scenes footage coming for you every Wednesday. Each week, we’ll bring you make-up tutorials, rare footage, bloopers, interviews and a whole bunch more. So be sure to tune into and our YouTube channel for the latest videos!

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